Violet ... Body Wash 240ml

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The most sublime fragrance, hauntingly familiar to the classic fragrances of the old world, of a time where powder rooms featured scented soaps and ladies moved through the room with an aura of confidence and a soft floral presence.  

After using the Violet Body Wash, dry yourself off and apply the Body Lotion.  Dress well, because you’re going to change the world.  Apply your Violet perfume lightly onto your pulse points, your neck and wrists.  Refresh if required throughout the day to capture the feminine feel of walking through an old fashioned floral garden.

Violet has a ‘Top Note‘ that is decisive, it’s fresh, green, elegant and sensual but not overwhelming.  The ‘Middle Notes‘ of Pelargonium, the most beautiful Lily of the Valley, and a touch of Jasmine enhance and warm the floral bouquet.  The ‘Base Notes’ are rich with Musk and Vanilla.  It’s delicate yet earthy.

A timeless fragrance, women have been adorning themselves with Violet for hundreds of years.  It’s become a classic, a quintessential floral, for all women, not only the brave at heart.

Strong enough to take you through your long day, with a little scent to spare.